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Understanding Geopathic Stress

Defination and overview

Geopathic stress

Since ancient times people have come to recognize that certain locations are just not favorable for human habitats or dwellings. People have known about these locations that induce stress, anxiety, fear and ill health and have kept away from such zones. These are disturbed zones where underground cross flows of energies create stress nodes and lines that interfere with or disrupt the internal energy flow and balance within human bodies resulting in ill health. Even trees exhibit deformation, stunted growth and cankerous growth. You will not find birds and animals within certain zones affected by geopathic stress.

The Earth generates natural geomagnetic force fields. It is believed that a grid of force fields surrounds the Earth’s surface in the same way the pranic force is spread through the human body. The Earth resonates at a frequency of about 7.83 Hz, known as Schumann resonance, which is the same frequency as that of the alpha brainwaves generated in human beings. If both the Earth’s frequency and that of humans is the same, there is balance and harmony. More on alpha and beta waves in succeeding paragraphs.

It is also known in physics that when two frequencies are mixed, it gives rise to beat frequency that is equal to the difference in frequency of the two waves, giving rise to a third note, which depending on the base frequencies, can be soothing or extremely discordant and harmful. This could underlie the cause of Geopathic stress caused by the resonating frequencies of one source mixing with the Earth’s natural frequency of 7.83 Hz.

Due to certain localized physical conditions, separate energy flows may be created that interfere with the natural force field grid and its natural frequency. This is geopathic stress. The resultant interference pattern creates resonance within natural life forces of living beings, causing stress. This is one underlying belief of geopathic stress and the way it influences living creatures.

What is Hertz?
Usually abbreviated to Hz, hertz is a unit of measuring frequency, named after Heinrich Rudolf Hertz who proved that electromagnetic waves existed. Hertz is associated with periodic variation or frequency of alternating electric currents or how many times it cycles per second.

EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency)
An electromagnetic wave, simply defined, is a wave created and propagated by varying intensity of perpendicular electric and magnetic field. The rise and fall in intensity per second is the electromagnetic frequency and the intensity creates an electromagnetic field in the vicinity. The stronger the current, the greater the magnetic field will be. If the voltage is high then it generates an electric field. Even if no current flows in a circuit, an electric field will be present but for an electromagnetic field to be created, current must flow. In nature electromagnetic fields are generated by local build u of electric charges in the shape of thunderstorms. Besides, the Earth itself has a natural magnetic field caused by its core, rotation around the axis and motion around the Sun. Frequency of the Electromagnetic field is closely related to its wavelength. Different frequencies have varying effect on the human body that, in itself, emanates EMF. If the external EMF frequency is at the resonance frequency of the human body, it can cause serious disruptions to the normal functions, both physical and mental.

EMF exists in nature and inside the human body. Each cell inside the human body produces electrochemical reactions resulting in minute EMF generation. Natural EMF intensity is low in strength and frequency. EMF is a broad term covering wavelengths ranging from X-rays to microwaves, ultraviolet to infrared and subsonic to hypersonic with frequencies starting at 1 Hz and going up to Gigahertz and terahertz regions. EMF is also generated artificially by high tension power lines and in all electronic devices. Today, the human body is exposed to natural EMF of the Earth and Space and also surrounded by man-made artificial EMF from dozens of different electrical and electronic devices. Exposure to EMF can radically affect functioning of enzymes, brain wave patterns and therefore control of different body functions and hormone releases. It can alter the DNA structure and cause metabolism changes.

Resonance plays an important in geopathic stress. Resonance, in physics, is defined as the tendency of matter to oscillate at greater amplitude at a fixed frequency or within a narrow range of frequency, with only small energy input due to the structure being able to store energy.  Resonance is the natural frequency of vibration of a particulate body and in certain instances resonance can be extremely destructive. We all know about Roman soldiers marching out of step when crossing bridges because marching in step produces resonance in the bridge structure causing it to collapse.

Alpha Waves
Alpha waves life in the frequency range of 7.5 to 12.5 Hz and were first discovered by Hans Berger, a German neurologist who invented the EEG. He also registered beta waves. Alpha waves occur in the occipital lobe when a person is in a state of conscious relaxation with the eyes closed. This happens when you meditate and the result is creativity, alertness, learning capability, enhanced performance, intuitiveness and visualization powers. In short, a person is in harmony with less stress and more of creative intuition.

Beta Waves
Frequency of beta waves is between 14 and 40 Hz and these predominate during normal state of waking consciousness. Beta waves are associated with powers of logic, critical reasoning and contribute to effective functioning but with higher incidence of stress and anxiety.


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