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Ever since we moved into this new house I had trouble sleeping. I would awake frequently and had bad dreams....


During the course of my practice I came across a case which is worthy of mention. I had a lady client who complained of not feeling well....



Life Force

In order to understand geopathic stress and the negative effect it has on life, and this includes plants and small organisms as also human beings and animals, one must understand living beings, life forces and energy in life forms.

Life is energy variously termed as “prana”, “chi” or “ki” in various cultures but all of which refer to the same thing. In all living beings there is a flow of this life force or energy along definite meridians or invisible lines. Electrochemistry within each cell generates a flow of energy that is indicative of life. For a living being to be healthy, the flow of energy must be finely balanced along the energy channels. Each human being has an aura created by the flow of energy inside. Strength of the aura depends on the strength and balance of internal energy flow inside the person or being. If there is a disruption, a blockage or disturbance due to internal or external reasons, the result is disease or death in that life form. Disruptions cause stress of varying levels and a person so affected does not feel at ease. He does not have harmony inside and cannot function normally.

It is significant to note that the composition of the human body closely resembles that of the Earth and Oceans.

The Earth itself generates a strong field of magnetic energy.

Human body and life forces

Ancient Hindu sages defined the body as existing at three levels. One is the material level which is indicated by his body composed of the five elements of air, fire, water, earth and water. At an intermediate level we have “prana” or life force which joins with the material level and the third is the highest spiritual level which connects the being with all energy inside and outside and with cosmic energy, with higher development leading to oneness with divinity. The theory is that prana enters through the nose and spreads throughout the body through channels called Nadis. The Nadi connects to 7 major chakras situated at different locations along the cerebrospinal system in the spinal column and over 72000 different Nadias connect to the chakras. The 72000 Nadis flow in two major channels. One is that channel connected with mind and thoughts. The other is physical connecting organs, nerves, lymphatic system and tissues. The charkas are said to control all functions of the human body through the main Nadi or Shushumna passing through the spinal column. This is further subdivided into three Nadis with one in the spinal column and two in the brain. The charkas in turn are affected by the external energy elements resulting in different emotional, physical and psychic states.

The purpose of going into detail into flow of prana inside the body and the chakras is to show how sophisticated the system is and how finely balanced it is. Yoga is no stranger to prana and pranic breathing or pranayama that is healing and resolves physical and mental health issues.

If external electromagnetic forces stronger than that or the Earth’s magnetic field, to which the human becomes accustomed, impinges on this finely balanced system, there is a disruption and this can result in stress which causes mental or physical illness. We all know the effect of microwave towers, cell phones, radio towers, X-rays and UV radiation on the human system. However, very few know about or even accept one other major yet relatively unknown force that causes the internal balance of a human body to go out of whack if he comes within that force field. This force field is what causes geopathic stress.

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