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Ever since we moved into this new house I had trouble sleeping. I would awake frequently and had bad dreams....


During the course of my practice I came across a case which is worthy of mention. I had a lady client who complained of not feeling well....



Geopathic Stress Symptoms

Identifying and taking action
Living in geopathic stress areas gives rise to sleeplessness, anxiety, stress, mental tension, arguments within the family, lack of prosperity and general malaise.

Identifying areas and effects of geopathic stress
The first thing to do is for people to identify areas where they feel stressed or at unease. If they move out of this area and feel more relaxed then they have identified one zone. Similarly if sleeplessness is the issue and moving to another part of the house gives sound sleep then you know the trouble-causing area. For a complete identification it is necessary to consult an expert in geopathic stress who uses appropriate knowledge for scanning and also consideration for vastu perspective. The expert can identify zones that have sha streams of underground water flows, energy lines, faults and radiation zones that are negatively affecting occupants.

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