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Ever since we moved into this new house I had trouble sleeping. I would awake frequently and had bad dreams....


During the course of my practice I came across a case which is worthy of mention. I had a lady client who complained of not feeling well....



Geopathic stress and Deadly diseases

Geopathic stress and Deadly diseases

 The concept of exposure to different types of energy emissions from earth can cause the deadly diseases is age old. The vaastu and fengshui sciences of building have also proven this.

 Presently this science can be named as Geo biology, which explains the Term Geopathic stress. To under stand the relation between earth energy and deadly diseases we have to go in little detail.

 About human body

 A human body if looked upon under a microscope it would be seen as it is made up of Trillions and trillions of cells. One Cell is comprised of water, inorganic ions and carbon containing of molecules. Further molecules are made up of atoms, and atoms are made up of small particles, which are known as protons, neutrons and electrons.

 Particles are found to be available in the whole universe in each and every living being. Particles are of different types; one of them is an elementary particle. These elementary particles include Quarks.


Quark is a form of vibrational energy. Quarks are building blocks, which build up matter. If the smallest particle of life is energy than we can say that human body is a form of energy. The smallest particle of body ‘the quark’ is energy.

Thus the human body is an energy field.

Now the question is what is energy field. Let us under stand…

 Energy field

Scientist Michael Faraday detailed the conventional energy, which was described as Electromagnetic energy field, in 1800 century.

 Diagram earth and energy coming

 The earth’s magnetic field is a consequence of synergy between the magnetic field emerging from the planet’s liquefied iron nickel alloy and the charged gas of the ionosphere.

 The electromagnetic field is directly associated with Earth and human body.

The human realm too has a pulsating electromagnetic energy field. This energy field is measurable through EMG and EEG Machines.

The Human body further produces a flow of magnetic current which travels continuously along the certain lines of pressure.

 Diagram of human body and energy

 In 1831 Michal Faraday described the basis of induction that since the electric current can create a magnetic field and in turn a magnetic field can also create electric current.

The pineal gland

 “ The Pineal gland which is located in the center of the head, is a magnetic unit of the brain.

This gland is a ACE authority to manage hormones, enzymes, deterioration of body, immune function, metabolisms and the pattern of sleep.

This gland controls the stress levels and the production of antioxidants etc.”

What are brain waves?

Brain has left and right hemispheres. The left-brain is intuitive and right part is creative. Both are well communicated with each other. The EEG shows that the frequency of the brain starts from 0.5 Hz to 40 Hz. We can divide the brain waves in four parts.

 Gamma Brain waves

The gamma brain waves frequency ranges from 40 to 100 Hz. At this frequency the brain is not at al rest, higher efficiency of logical thinking is carrying its flow. Both the activities mental and physical are active at this state. The mind is totally rest less.

 Beta Brain waves

The brain waves frequency ranges from 14 t0 40 Hz. In this high frequency too much stress is seen. Anxiety, panic state of mind, fear and too much alertness is seen.

 Alpha Brain waves

The alpha brain waves frequency ranges from 7 to 14 Hz. This is a very relaxed and happy state of mind.  The state of alpha brain waves comes if the brain is very quite, happy and stable.

With good food eating, good fragrance, meditation, loving moments and heightened state of spirituality invites the alpha brain waves.

 Theta brain waves

The theta brain waves frequency ranges from 4 to 7 Hz. This is a very important state. This theta waves come with deep sleep and very high meditative state. The sleep in theta waves is full of good dreams. The body is totally unconscious.

 Delta brain waves

The Delta brain waves frequency ranges from 0.5 to 4 Hz. This is an unconscious state with totally dreamless sleep. This is a very rare state of brain.

 Correlation of brain waves and Schumann frequency principle.

The great physicist W.O. Schumann identified a frequency in 1952, which is known as Schumann waves or Schumann resonance.

We know that earth rotates on its axis and resonates with an electromagnetic frequency of 7.83 Hz.

This frequency is almost similar to the Alpha Brain waves.

Every living body has a background of magnetic field and is able to manage with distortions in the magnetic fields of cosmos.

The maligned earth energy which is the geopathic stress is representation as distortion of this natural frequency creating unbearable electromagnetic fields by streams of water flowing under the ground, certain geological faults, mineral deposits, energy grids such as Hartman and curry lines.

The frequency releases a level of 250 Hz and above and crosses a height of 200 to 1000 feet above the ground level.

This higher range of frequency does not match with the "human energy field" (HEF) and create deadly diseases. Also, the distorted electromagnetic energy interferes with physiologic processes in our body and makes it weak and lethargic and prone to infections. Geopathic stress zones do cause chronic stress and therefore weaken the body’s defense systems and make it emotionally weak too, generally all geopathic stress patients become depressed.

 There is clear indication that combinations of frequencies in the geopathic stress zones become extremely harmful to all living beings. Lastly, this geopathic stress energy, in combination with a possible suppression of certain functions of our bodies immune system, lead to the development of cancer.


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