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Ever since we moved into this new house I had trouble sleeping. I would awake frequently and had bad dreams....


During the course of my practice I came across a case which is worthy of mention. I had a lady client who complained of not feeling well....



Effects of Geopathic Stress

Since centuries the effects of geopathic stress on living organisms, and human beings in particular, have been studied and documented.

  • In general when a human being moves into an area affected by geopathic stress, he feels at unease and finds that he cannot focus on work, relax or sleep well. The symptoms disappear if he moves out of the zone. Over time it causes changes in body metabolism, reduces immunity and due to anomalies in hormones as well as electrochemical activity at a cell level, his organs are affected leading to wide-spread health risks and behavioral changes.
  • Cancer is a possible outcome. This happens where two stress lines cross a person’s body during sleep. Electropollution further increases risks, giving possible rise to leukaemia.
  • Heart diseases, high blood pressure can also be traced to geopathic stress. Areas with excess energy cause cardiovascular problems, gastritis, mania and strokes, mainly caused due to persons being sited at grid crossings.
  • Sleeping in a geopathic stress zone causes restlessness, fatigue, excessive dreaming, mood changes, depression and aggression.
  • Diseases of the nervous system such as Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis are also caused by geopathic stress.
  • Pregnancy and fertility issues arise when a women lives in a geopathic stress zone because this causes hormonal imbalance.
  • In infants diseases as well as sudden infant death syndrome is also identified as being due to geopathic stress. Babies also cry, are restless and cannot sleep well in such areas.
  • Children also exhibit abnormal behavior and some health issues as well as learning difficulties in stress areas. Children so exposed remain vulnerable to geopathic stress throughout their lives.
  • Fatigue, exhaustion, headaches, hypersensitivity to temperature changes and to light, lack of patience and muscle pain are also the possible results of living in geopathic stress zones.
  • Endocrine dysfunction is another outcome of living in this zone for long periods of time.
  • Sexual disorders, depression leading to suicidal tendencies, allergies and loss of appetite are directly attributable to geopathic stress zones.
  • If patients do not respond to any of these treatments in hospitals, it is likely they are under the influence of geopathic stress zones in such buildings.

At a general level:

  • Human efficiency at work reduces due to increased stress caused by hormonal imbalance and sleeplessness.
  • Patients do not heal well in hospitals located in geopathic stress zones.
  • Businesses do not prosper in such zones
  • Athletes cannot perform well if they live in such zones
  • Performance of students is affected if institutions are located in these zones
  • Even countries with a maximum number of geopathic stress zones never prosper.

In most instances the primary factors responsible for causing imbalances in the human body are presence of water bodies and a disturbed EMF field.

Acupuncture specialist check the fourth and fifth metacarpal junction of the hand to find out if a patient is suffering due to effects of geopathic stress. There are other instruments such as Kinesiology to test muscles to show if this condition is due to stress. A patient may have to undergo blood crystalline analysis to find out if geopathic stress is responsible. Diagnostic experts may resort to equipments such as VEGA and MORA machines to detect causes.

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