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The Grid Theory underlying Geopathic Stress

A school of thought exists since ancient times. Even Plato acknowledged the existence of grids and patterns, theorizing that the Earth evolved from basic geometric shapes. Scientists working in this field postulated that the Earth has energy grids at regular intervals forming an energy field that holds the planet together. Intersections of such grids are detrimental to life in some places whereas positive confluences have an extraordinarily positive effect on human beings at some places. However, in most cases, intersections of lines and the lines themselves, whether located underground, on the surface or above the ground, cause stress, commonly understood as geopathic stress.

Natural causes

  • Natural causes include underground streams called black or dark streams. Friction of water with rocks generates electromagnetic fields with a different frequency and this causes geopathic stress. Water moves ions and metals also and the dipolar nature of water molecules is another causative factor. The path of water underground is not straight and when it flows in differently shaped channels touching various materials, creating a hydrodynamic flow vortex that can cause eddy currents and generation of EMFs.
  • Rocks and soil have different characteristics in relation to transmission and absorption of EMFs (electromagnetic fields). Some materials such as quartz and ceramics can generate electric and magnetic fields depending upon pressure applied to the crystalline formation. This causes a piezo electric effect resulting in generation of EMFs and is a possible cause of geopathic stress. Geological faults, caves, sink holes, high mineral concentrations in certain areas and ore deposits are all possible causes. Iron is abundant in some areas and where there are fissures permitting escape of radon gas, the result is zones with high geopathic stress.
  • Another reason is the presence of longitudinal scalar waves that interact with certain media causing resonances.
  • Radioactive material in certain underground locations where radon gas is present such as granite and gneiss deposits, is also assumed to cause geopathic stress. 

 Man-made causes
Human activity such as building of underground railway tunnels, water ways, sewage disposal lines, underground power cables, overhead power transmission lines, microwave towers, above ground and underground steel structures, foundations, tall buildings, power generating stations and other structures  interfere with natural energy flow and cause imbalances, creating zones of geopathic stress.

How underground water deposits and streams generate EMF & stress
Water is stored underground in reservoirs and it also follows a gradient, making its way through fissures. In the process water dissolves chemicals in the rock and becomes ionic. Movement of ions results in generation of electric fields. The force of the electric field depends on concentration of ions, rate of flow, mass of water, type of particles in suspension and dissolved mineral content and openings through which it flows. Rushing water creates pressure on quartz crystals. The pressure exerted by Earth’s mass on these quartz crystals also works to create a piezo electric effect. As a result quartz crystals can generate EMF leading to geopathic stress.  Such underground streams are known as dark streams or black streams, negatively affecting the human body.

Streams of underground water can give off negative radiations also known as Sha Qi in Chinese FengShui. The radiations include radon gas and microwave or infra red waves that rise vertically upwards from depths up to 900 feet and can be anywhere from 1 foot to 300 feet in width. The widest portions usually correspond to Ley Lines. The center portions have strongest Sha Qi. If two such streams criss-cross, the crossing is considered as harmful. Such streams can change course according to seasons or due to earthquakes and have strongest effect at mid-day and on full moon days. Solar flares and seasons also affect strength of Sha Qi emanations.

According to E. Endros, a German hydraulics engineer, nuclear processes taking place deep within the Earth cause underground streams of water to emit georadiations. Neutron emissions contact EMF fields generated by moving water and cause radiation of infrared, micro waves and neutron particles. Zones in which this activity takes place exhibit higher amount of positive ions, which are energy depleting in living beings. 

Ley Lines
Ley lines are over the ground energy lines that are parallel to or echo the underground EMF. Ley lines are believed to be a pipeline for spiritual lines and some cultures term it as spirit lines. Temples and ceremonial sites are located on the crossing of these lines. However, Ley lines are not suitable as human dwellings and are therefore considered as a source of geopathic stress, negatively affecting human beings.

Schuman Resonance
The Earth and its atmosphere act like an electric circuit. A cavity between the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere located about 55 kilometers above, holds an electric charge approaching 500000 Coulombs and there is a constant current flow from the Earth’s surface to the ionosphere at a voltage potential of 200000 volts. Normal atmospheric air is a weak conductor and restricts the flow somewhat but high voltages at certain points cause breakdowns as can be witnessed by lightning strikes measuring millions of volts. Thus, there is a constant flow of current which gives rise to electromagnetic waves in the cavity. Standing wave electromagnetic waves in this cavity are termed Schumann Resonance and are related to electrical activity in the atmosphere, particularly high when there is lightning and electrical storms. The frequency ranges between 6 and 50 Hertz, the most noticeable being 7.8, 14, 20, 266, 33, 39 and 45 Hz. Solar sunspot and electrical activity also influences the standing waves known as Schumann resonance, named after W. O. Schumann, a German physicist. He predicted it around 1952 and detected it in 1954.  Oddly but not surprisingly, the human brainwave pattern is also around 7.83 Hz, the same frequency as that of the electromagnetic field of the Earth in normal areas. In such conditions the brain and body of human beings are in synchronicity and a man feels balanced. If the frequencies are high or if the Earth EMF is disturbed as happens in geopathic stress zones, it causes imbalance and stress in human beings.

Hartmann Grid
Hartmann Grid plays a major role in geopathic stress. Dr Hartmann is credited with having “discovered” the network of radiation patterns early in the 1960s. The Hartmann grid forms an invisible grid-like array of vertically rising radiation, each belt about 25 cms in width measured North to South and located about 2 metres apart. The rays circling the globe from East to West each measure 15 cms in width and distance between two lines varies according to Latitude. The North to South lines induce humidity and rheumatism. The East-West lines on the Grid cause inflammations. The point where these North-South and East-West lines cross and form knots is especially stressful from geopathic perspective. Living directly above location of such knots causes bad health and high stress in human beings. Intensity increases at night, causing sleeplessness. Gamma rays also increase if there is low atmospheric pressure. Preceding an earthquake the thickness of the lines of rays increases and during an earthquake the lines become twisted.

The Curry Grid
The Curry Grid resembles the Hartmann Grid. The difference is in the orientation. Whereas the Hartmann Grid encircles the Earth in a perpendicular fashion, the Curry lines are oriented at an angle of 45 degrees from the North. The North-East grid lines occur at intervals of 2.36 meters whereas the South-East and North-West lines are located 2.7 meters apart. Each line is about 15 cms wide. First described by Curry and Whitman in the 1970s, these lines have further sub-classification as double negative lines that repeat at intervals of 50 meters and the intersections are the most harmful from a human perspective, even more so than the Hartman grid crossings. These double negative crossings cause extreme depression, sleeplessness and diseases whereas double positive crossings are conducive to cancerous growth.

Black Lines
Black lines are another aspect of geopathic stress. Black lines are similar to Sha lines described in FengShui. These are generated naturally and are localized. Such black lines may be underground, at ground level or even extend upwards in a straight or curved fashion.

Schneider Grid
In the 1980s Schneider came up with a theory about a positive grid with its location about 45 degrees East of North with each line 17 cms wide and at an interval of 294 meters with a North-South and East-West flow of energy. This has a positive influence on human beings by helping improve speech and thought powers. He also identified another grid located 28 degrees to the East with each line 21 cms in width and repeating at intervals of 267 meters. Some plants grow well along the lines and at intersections one can find holy monuments and sites of castles and forts.


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