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Ever since we moved into this new house I had trouble sleeping. I would awake frequently and had bad dreams....


During the course of my practice I came across a case which is worthy of mention. I had a lady client who complained of not feeling well....



Stage Fourth

The chief characteristic of stage four exposures to geopathic stress is disorder of the digestive system that takes about one to three years to show. In stage three the brain has triggered release of abnormal amounts of stress hormones as we have seen. The presence of hormones results in spikes in blood pressure and blood glucose levels that cause mood swings, fatigue, weakness and even tremors. The blood also has magnetic properties to a certain extent and properties are disrupted in addition to more blood flowing to the muscles and less to the digestive organs resulting in poor digestion and absorption of nutrients. The results are indigestion, diarrhea, cramps and bloating with weight gain in most subjects. Acid levels increase in the stomach and cause burning sensations as well as ulcers. Cortisol affects metabolism and the shift in hormone level causes accumulation of fat cells. Strong areas of geopathic stress also influence thyroid gland causing hypothyroidism and bloating of the body. Once the digestion is disturbed and the body does not get sufficient nutrients, the door is open to serious diseases, brain dysfunction, low sex drive and cardiovascular problems. If the digestive system is disrupted it results in the brain getting fewer than the required amount of nutrition and this sets the stage for brain damage, the fifth stage of geopathic stress exposure.

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