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Geopathic stress FAQ

 1Q: What is geopathic stress and what different kinds of stress are there?

A:  To understand geopathic stress first one must understand that the human body is a finely balanced mechanism in which electrochemical reactions are taking place all the time generating minute electrical impulses that in turn generate electromagnetic fields. This is life. Now, the Earth has a molten core of lava and iron and it rotates around its axis. The rotation causes generation of electromagnetic fields from North Pole to South Pole. In addition, there are underground streams of water that generate electromagnetic fields. Electrical activity in the air such as thunderstorms also generates electromagnetic fields in certain locations. There are several well defined areas or lines of such stronger than normal fields existing in a grid pattern all over the Earth. If the human electromagnetic force field is influenced by these fields when the person enters these fields of abnormal energy fields and stays there for an appreciable length of time, it results in geopathic stress in human beings. The natural resonance frequency of the Earth is about 7.8 Hz which is the same as the frequency of EMF in human beings. Any higher frequencies in considerable field strength will imbalance human EMF and cause long term health problems.

 2Q: What are the effects of geopathic stress and how does one recognize that a person is being influenced by geopathic stress?

A: The most common symptoms of the influence of geopathic stress fields on human beings are that a person feels uneasy and uncomfortable in the geopathic stress zone. If he moves out, he becomes normal. If he tries to sleep on a bed directly above underground water streams or lines of such geomagnetic force fields, he will not get sleep easily. His sleep is broken and disturbed and eventually his entire metabolism is affected. He feels stressed out, becomes depressed and then develops a variety of health issues as well as immuno-deficiency diseases such as cancer after five to ten years of exposure. His overall efficiency reduces and he loses enthusiasm for life.

 3Q: Is it possible to stop the effect of geopathic stress?

A: It all depends on how strong a geopathic stress field is in a given area. You must call in an expert in geopathic stress who will use instruments to detect presence of geopathic stress. The same expert will work with your healthcare professionals with the use of blood tests and other diagnostics such as vega test and muscle test as well as eye checks to assess extent of impact and then implement suitable remedies that will negate the effect of geopathic stress on people living in building located in geopathic stress areas. The remedies are specific to each location and in relation to the type of stress influencing that area. Generalized solutions are not effective so it is best to have an expert for indepth analysis and resolution.

4Q: What harm can geopathic stress do to human beings?

A: In the short term it is distress, depression, anxiety and sleep disorders. The secondary stage is memory impairment and weakening of the body and functions of the organs. Then, after prolonged exposures human beings can be susceptible to diseases of the central nervous system, cardiovascular diseases, kidney related problems and even cancer because the autoimmune system is affected. Marriages do not prosper. A woman may not be able to conceive all because of geopathic stress. Children are most affected and exhibit behavioral disorders and health problems. Enzyme changes affect DNA and cell growth, metabolism is affected and the basic cell functions are disrupted. It is best to consult a geopathic stress expert when you notice the initial stages, especially sleeplessness. If you have disturbed sleep, try moving your bed to another part of your house.

 5Q: How much does geopathic stress consultation cost?

A: This is not a simple matter and each situation is different so one cannot categorize consultations into various price categories. An expert can decide on costs of remediation only after initial assessment.

 6Q: Is geopathic stress field constant?

A: No. It varies according to seasons, being strongest in monsoon and winter months as also during periods of full moon. If you are in geopathic stress zones you will feel restlessness and anxiety at higher levels during such periods. You may also suffer minor illnesses or your health conditions worsen if you have been living in such zones for a longer duration. Even the natural energy lines such as Curry and Hartmann lines keep shifting a little bit over years.

 7Q: Is this all hocus pocus or is there some truth to geopathic stress?

A: Research into geopathic stress has been going on since the 19th and 20th centuries with well documented tests to show that geopathic stress does exist. Instrument checks have also revealed presence of grids of energy lines. That these exist have been conclusively proved by moving people who are affected to geopathic-stress-free zones and their illnesses have vanished.

 8Q: What if I have already been exposed to this for several years and have severe health problems?

A: In such cases you must move away immediately and recovery will take place surely but slowly.

 9Q: I feel tired all the time and just cannot seem to find energy to do things? Is this due to geopathic stress?

A: One cannot jump to conclusions. First have a thorough diagnosis by medical experts. If nothing abnormal shows up, you can ask for geopathic stress consultation. If this proves positive then one can say geopathic stress is responsible and necessary remedial measures can be taken. One way to find out is to take a short vacation of a week. If you are away from geopathic stress zone, your energy levels and health improve but move back and you are back to the same condition.

 10Q: Is India in geopathic stress zone and are there experts in India to remedy this?

A: Yes, India has tectonic plates and a varied composition underneath the surface and there are several geopathic energy lines criss-crossing the country. Not many people know about it in India but we are creating awareness and encourage people to go in for test early so that geopathic stress does not cause long term damage. Yes, there are experts in India and you can consult them here.

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