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Dr. Chawla’s work and research

Dr. Puneet Chawla has studied and come to conclusion about the six stages of Geopathic Stress on Human Beings

Each human being is a hive of electrochemical activity that generates electricity and an electromagnetic field. The normal resonating frequency in healthy human beings is 7.8 Hz, which is the same as the normal electromagnetic frequency of Earth. Apart from this normal EMF there are specific points and lines where abnormal frequencies exist due to flow of underground water, Ley lines, Hartmann Lines and Curry Grid. These areas exhibit abnormal electromagnetic activity. In addition the air is also charged with electricity and has specific activity at certain locations.

All these combine to create geopathic stress or abnormal conditions of electromagnetic fields that have a direct effect on living organisms.

The human body is finely balanced in terms of electrical activity in the central nervous system and the electrochemical activity at cell levels. If these are exposed to abnormal EMF fields then their normal functions are disrupted.
This gives rise to a variety of symptoms of geopathic stress ranging from mild discomfort on temporary exposure to life-threatening diseases on prolonged exposure. Unknowingly, people may be living above areas of high geopathic stress and they progressively decline in terms of physical and mental health.
The decline can be noted in various stages.

The preliminary stage is characterized by feelings of slight discomfort and unease but no physical symptoms are manifested.
Then follows a stage where the subject experiences sleep disorders and negative emotions.
The tertiary stage is characterized by manifestations of symptoms, chiefly hormonal changes and onset of minor illness or difficulty in getting over minor colds and coughs. The fourth stage follows in which the subject complains of digestive system disorders. Then, on continued exposure to geopathic stress, the subject has cognitive function disorders and memory problems. Finally, the subject’s immune system breaks down and he is at risk of lethal diseases affecting the heart, kidneys, lungs and other vital organs.

Let us go into more details about each stage of exposure to geopathic stress.

Stage One
This occurs when people move into geopathic stress zone either by moving house or working at a new place. Subjects so exposed exhibit slight discomfort and feeling of general unease. They may start to put on weight, feel weak and tired and will feel slightly depressed. If they fall ill, it takes a long time for them to recover. Without their knowledge there are changes going on in cell functions and in the nervous system as well as the brain. The brain has minute magnetic particles sensitive to electromagnetic fields and the influence of geopathic stress throws the system out of gear and it starts sending out wrong signals to organs and cells. If they take a vacation such people improve but once back, the condition reverts. If they are lucky enough to change their residence or workplace permanently, they recover and become normal. However, continued exposure leads to second stage of damage by geopathic stress.

Second Stage
Progression to the second stage depends on the strength of the geopathic stress field to which a subject is exposed. This can range from as little as one month to six months. In this stage the subject exhibits sleep disorders, which is one of the chief pointers to geopathic stress. In addition, he feels extremely depressed and has nightmares during a restless sleep. Headaches, general body weakness, lack of appetite and drowsiness are the other chief symptoms indicating progression to the second stage. Depression, sleep disorders and nervous disorders are initiated by change in the way neurotransmitters function. Since the geopathic stress fields may change in strength during the day and from time to time, the symptoms manifest themselves accordingly. Low levels of serotonin and GABA cause depression and feelings of anxiety, affecting their growth, peace of mind and progress in life. Insidious changes in hormonal activity gradually affect the bodily functions further sliding the subject down into stage three. If a subject is moved out of this area and kept out for a period of time, his natural healing process leads to recovery but continued exposure leads him deeper into trouble not only within himself but also in relationships.

Stage three
Hormone dysfunction is the chief characteristic of this stage. The brain is affected and starts to develop a defensive mechanism resulting in hormonal dysfunction. This dysfunction has negative repercussion on body organs. The hypothalamus and pituitary glands release hormones, chiefly Cortisol that affects heart, lung, immune systems, liver and kidneys functions. The common symptoms are higher levels of blood sugar, rapid breathing, faster than normal heart rate, hypertension, cramps, neck pain, numbness, migraine, impotence and a general feeling of helplessness. Dopamine, Norepinephrine and epinephrine levels are disturbed causing mood swings and metabolic disorders. Changes in hormone balance causes muscle weakness, feeling of tiredness, irritation and depression. The immune system is also affected laying a person open to infections. This has a snowballing effect and the downward spiral is rather steep when a person enters the fourth stage.

Stage Four
The chief characteristic of stage four exposures to geopathic stress is disorder of the digestive system that takes about one to three years to show. In stage three the brain has triggered release of abnormal amounts of stress hormones as we have seen. The presence of hormones results in spikes in blood pressure and blood glucose levels that cause mood swings, fatigue, weakness and even tremors. The blood also has magnetic properties to a certain extent and properties are disrupted in addition to more blood flowing to the muscles and less to the digestive organs resulting in poor digestion and absorption of nutrients. The results are indigestion, diarrhea, cramps and bloating with weight gain in most subjects. Acid levels increase in the stomach and cause burning sensations as well as ulcers. Cortisol affects metabolism and the shift in hormone level causes accumulation of fat cells. Strong areas of geopathic stress also influence thyroid gland causing hypothyroidism and bloating of the body. Once the digestion is disturbed and the body does not get sufficient nutrients, the door is open to serious diseases, brain dysfunction, low sex drive and cardiovascular problems. If the digestive system is disrupted it results in the brain getting fewer than the required amount of nutrition and this sets the stage for brain damage, the fifth stage of geopathic stress exposure.

Stage Five
It takes anything from three to five years or more for this stage to develop. During stages three and four the body and brain become systematically weakened and normal cellular activity is disrupted. In stage five the brain starts to exhibit effects of geopathic stress. As the body’s hormone levels become imbalanced and diseases like hypertension and diabetes take hold, the body’s immune system and metabolism is further affected, making a subject even more vulnerable to geopathic stress. A young person may show signs of premature ageing. Someone in his fifties may feel like he is seventy years old at this stage. Luckily, even at this stage it is not difficult to recover provided the subject moves out of the zone and stays out. As seen earlier there are more hormones circulating in the blood stream and these eventually have an effect on the brain, causing death of breain cells as also loss of memory, concentration and cognitive powers. The efficiency of a subject reduces to 30% due to brain damage. He reaches a stage where he cannot make decisions and suffers delusions, anxiety attacks and may become aggressive or depressed sliding the subject down into life-threatening situation of stage six.

Stage six
Disruption of immune system and cardiovascular problems are the chief signs occurring after five years of exposure to geopathic stress. Even the lungs and other organs are affected. The brain function is also reduced and overall, a subject is a shadow of his former self. Beset on all sides by illness, his life is full of misery. He has not one but a number of ailments, both physical and mental. He may have high cholesterol, blocked arteries and cardiac arrhythmia posing a serious threat to life. Hormonal imbalance causes increased production of cytokines that damage and inflame heart cells causing it to pump harder. Cortisol increases fat production and lowered immunity. Higher levels of adrenaline result in depletion of energy reserves and reduced immunity to viral and fungal infections in the lungs and skin. Arthritis, kidney disease, allergies, heart attacks, asthma, stroke and impotence are all that can happen to a person in the sixth stage of exposure to geopathic stress. Cancer is of course the greatest risk of all since a reduced immunity, inability of the body to get rid of toxins and changed cellular activity promote cancer causing cells and let them flourish.

Awareness is knowledge. Knowledge can lead to action. In this case if a subject is at any of the above stages, taking timely action to resolve geopathic stress or remove himself from the zone will result in vast improvement in health.

How Geopathicstress Interfere with Living Organisms
There are areas of geopathic stress across the surface of the Earth but how these areas affect living organisms and the mechanism of interference is something worth understanding.

Geopathic stress areas show high level of EMF activity, creating magnetic force fields. Inside each living organism there are cells. Electrochemical reactions are taking place inside each cell and these generate electricity and a flow of current resulting in an electromagnetic field. Each cell and each organism has a definite resonance factor that responds to certain frequencies but with opposite polarity. The human body contains over 70% water, especially the brain. Certain organic material like protein molecules are susceptible to shape change or vibrate in the presence of external EMF fields. The brain also has magnetite crystals in small quantity and these are responsive to magnetic fields in the surroundings. Researches have shown that the brain contains five million magnetite crystals in each gram and these crystals act like sensors. Some researchers say that it is these crystals that primarily respond to presence of EMF in high geopathic stress areas due to their magnetic nature. Another theory is that the cell membranes through which ion transfers take place may also play a role in responsiveness to geopathicstress which causes changes to information transfer at the ionic levels.  The body has been genetically coded to be accustomed to the natural EMF of the earth but in the presence of different fields and frequencies, the normal functions are disrupted leading to symptoms arising from geopathic stress.

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