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Ever since we moved into this new house I had trouble sleeping. I would awake frequently and had bad dreams....


During the course of my practice I came across a case which is worthy of mention. I had a lady client who complained of not feeling well....



About mother Earth

The entire Universe is one vast field of energy of which the Earth is but a microcosmic part. However, for organisms on the plant, the Earth is huge. Earth has a solid upper crust, a solid layer 2000 km thick, made up of iron, nickel and other metals, usually in a fluid state. The innermost core made up of iron at a temperature of 5700 deg. C. Temperature differences, composition of core material, heating and sinking and consequent convection action as also the force of the Earth’s rotation about its axis set up electric current flow in molten iron. Flowing current creates magnetic fields in a self sustaining cycle, measured at around 7.5 to 15 Hz. What is noteworthy is that the geomagnetic energy field is not uniform at all points but is fragmented; weak at certain points and lines and strong at others due to unique composition of the crust and mantle, which causes unequal energy distribution and frequencies in the EMF.

The human body has a composition similar to that of the Earth. Electrochemical reactions are taking place constantly, generating minute electromagnetic fields at a cellular level. The frequency is measured at around 7.83 Hz. The human brain has a large amount of magnetic nanoparticles that play a role in balance and direction and these are susceptible to internal as well as electromagnetic fields and their frequencies. If the brain and cells of a living organism, not just a human being, are exposed to different frequencies and strengths of electromagnetic fields (EMF), then there is a disruption of normal functions. At one time only the Earth’s EMF differences were responsible for disruptions. However, with advancing technology, the sources of energy fields have multiplied in the form of power line EMF, microwave tower EMF, equipment generated EMF and EMF due to huge metal structures. Either alone or in combination these lead to stress and imbalance in normal functions with consequent disastrous and physical levels.

Disruptive Energies emanating from below the Earth

The Earth’s structure is fragmented and composed of many elements chiefly water and minerals that react and then interact with the existing geomagnetic force field but not in a uniform pattern. These are noticeable stronger in some areas that have been researched and identified as Ley Lines, Hartmann Lines and Curry lines. In addition to these force fields with different energy patterns, we have other sources as well.

Underground waterways

Ground water contains ions from dissolved minerals as well as metallic particles. Ground water is not stagnant in all areas and flows from one level to another through fissures composed of different mineral composition. The composition of water and flow rate induces natural currents that cause EMF. Such EMF, also known as Sha streams in Chinese feng shui, may travel upwards vertically creating various stress zones. Decrystallization processes also release geoelectricity that generate disruptive EMFs.

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